Richmond Hill Lumber & Supply Corp.

Lumber & Building Materials

The structure of a home is dependent upon quality lumber and building materials. Here at Richmond Lumber & Supply Corp., we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best in lumber and building material components that will create an impeccable home. No matter the architectural style, building conditions or specs, we carry products that exceed your expectations.



Drywall is the foundation on which walls and ceilings are built, and a beautiful room starts with quality drywall products and accessories. At Richmond Hill Lumber & Supply Corp., we carry drywall products to ensure your walls will stand the test of time.

Engineered Lumber

Engineered Lumber

Wherever your project calls for lumber, consider this - engineered lumber won't shrink, warp or bend due to the dry material fabrication process. So whether you're putting up joists or crafting custom design elements, you can trust that the wood will continue to look beautiful for years to come.


Framing Lumber

A successful project starts with the framing. Whether you're starting a new construction or renovating, quality framing lumber will ensure a solid start to your project. At Richmond Hill Lumber & Supply Corp, we carry framing lumber that offers strong structural support and will stand up to high compression and tension load levels.

Sheet Goods

Plywood & Panels

Plywood serves a wide range of purposes, from flooring to walls to decorative elements like wainscoting, and having quality plywood and panels will elevate your project. We carry a wide selection of lumber plywood and panels in various species that are easy to work with.


S4S Trimboards

You might not notice trim right away, but it's one of the most effective ways to add visual interest and put the perfect finishing touches while protecting both the seams and structure of your exterior and interior. S4S trim boards have been surfaced on all four sides, making the lumber look flawlessly smooth and effortlessly charming.

Steel Studs

Steel Studs & Track

Steel tracks are revolutionizing how builders fasten wall studs for a safe and secure structure. Get all the latest products at the right size for your project, along with expert advice on thickness, coating and lengths specific to your needs right here at Richmond Hill Lumber & Supply Corp.

Ceiling Grid

Acoustical Tile & Grid

From commercial to residential, we carry a premium selection of acoustical tile and grid systems that will amplify or minimize the amount of sound that travels between rooms and levels of a structure. Ceiling tiles can look beautiful; contact us to see how we can transform your space (and your sound levels).

Pouring Concrete


We've cemented ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality cement manufacturers to provide you with top materials for your masonry needs. From concrete to sand to gravel, we carry a vast selection of materials so we can meet your expectations no matter the size of your project.